Feel like a

million Bucks on your way to a million bucks

...without sacrificing your heart, your values, or your integrity

Feel Like a million Bucks on the way to a million bucks

without losing your heart, your values, or your integruty!

Banish the Fear.

Soothe the Stress.

Show up with Confidence.

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Feel like a million bucks...

on your way to a million bucks.

The feel like a Million Program

Sooth the stress, dissolve the fear, get visible

This is the comprehensive program built on my exclusive Feel Like a Million Method™ framework.

You will get the tools you need to immediately calm the stress and burnout that accrue from being a solopreneur.

Then you will learn how to deal with the fear and blocks that get in the way of you growing as a leader in your business.

Finally you will learn how to feel confident and excited to show up and share your message so you can create growth and success in your business, all while feeling amazing inside.

The Million Dollar Speaker

Banish the Fear, Speak with Confidence

This program will chill out the jitters, bump up the self assuredness, and calm the oceans of fear that come up when you speak in front of other people -- in person, zoom, social media Lives, teaching, or presenting of any kind.

Created especially for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who struggle with public speaking.

Individual Coaching

Get super-charged results

Offering a very limited number of 1:1 coaching spots. Please send me an email by clicking below to set up a consult call to discuss working together.

Hi, I'm carissa!

and I'm here to help you feel like a million bucks in your business, no matter how burned out, scared, or unsure you feel...

When you feel confident, calm, and amazing inside you can achieve great things.

This is my passion--to help entrepreneurs and business owners soothe anxiety and get super confident so they can share their message without getting hung up on fear.

I bring together my many years as a highly trained therapist alongside my expertise in business and public speaking in order to help you soothe anxiety, get fearless, and ignite your inner fire so that you can truly show up as a leader in your business.

I'm a licensed therapist with extensive training in healing trauma, a certified EMDR consultant, a previous actor and TEDx presenter, and a successful business owner. I will bring my arsenal of skills to help you feel like a million bucks as a business owner.

I believe every entrepreneur can gain the skills needed to show up with confidence to lead their business.


"​I can't think of a better, more lovely, caring and compassionate person to help you with whatever is keeping you from becoming all that you can be. Carissa is pure light. Her insight, empathy and optimism are gifts that will comfort, guide and hearten you in so many ways...

You are in good hands."

-Josh G.