Hi, I'm Carissa

...and I'm here to help you feel like a million bucks in your business, no matter how burned out, scared, or unsure you feel.

When you feel confident, calm, and amazing inside you can achieve great things.

This is my passion--to help entrepreneurs and business owners soothe anxiety and get super confident so they can share their message without getting hung up on fear.

I bring together my many years as a highly trained therapist alongside my expertise in business and public speaking in order to help you soothe anxiety, get fearless, and ignite your inner fire so that you can truly show up as a leader in your business.

I'm a licensed therapist with extensive training in healing trauma, a certified EMDR consultant, a previous actor and TEDx presenter, and a successful business owner. I will bring my arsenal of skills to help you feel like a million bucks as a business owner.

Let's get you feeling like a million bucks.

you don't have to hide your fear of public speaking anymore

...I will teach you how to soothe the stress, banish the fear, and show up with confidence!

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