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Hiii, I see you! Listening to all the podcasts, reading all the free e-books, taking in every PDF resource you can. Then, not actually taking any action on it.

I get it. I have been there. Actually, I still struggle with this if I am not careful and aware. For us life-long learners, many times this is where we feel most comfortable. Plus, it makes us feel like we’re accomplishing SOMETHING even if we aren’t taking action on it.

Have you ever listened to a podcast or read an article/book to learn about something you aren’t even close to implementing in your own business? raises hand

Unfortunately, many times, learning all-the-things makes us feel overwhelmed and unfocused.

Here are some tips on how to stop over-learning and start taking action in your business:

1) Freebie freeze
You’ve heard of a credit freeze or a spending freeze, right? Freeze the freebies and stop opt-ing in for everything! If you are going to download freebie content, make sure it is something you need RIGHT NOW. Which leads me to…

2) “Just in time” learning
Yep, exactly what it sounds like. Only take in information that you are ready to act on now. If you aren’t even close to running FB Ads in your business, don’t take that 3 hour masterclass on it. Use you time wisely and hone your skills on the things you need right now. Make it is learning how to write copy better or figure out how to create a social media posting schedule. Seek resources for the things you need to grow your business where you are at now.

3) Schedule implementation
When you take a new training or listen to an information packed podcast, schedule time on your calendar of when you are going to implement it into your life/business. This helps you stay accountable to learning what you are going to use now AND gets you to take action in your business.

How many times have you taken a course and then not done anything with it? Then, you forget all the stuff you learned and have to go re-teach yourself, or you end up feeling overwhelmed and just give up all together! Scheduling yourself time to implement in the midst of your busy schedule will you help you actually take action on the things you are learning

Do you struggle with this in your life/business? Are you great at taking in information but not acting on?