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How to Repurpose Content to Save Time and Stay Visible

Repurposing is your best friend. It also helps you to be visible in multiple places without having to create separate content for each platform.


The first step to developing a repurposing strategy is to decide which type of content you most like to create. That will be your starting point. Here are three of the most popular content types:


1) Written (blog posts, Facebook posts, IG posts, etc.)
2) Video (You Tube, Facebook Live, Periscope, IG Live)
3) Audio (Podcasting, Anchor, Sound Cloud)


Once you decide which one you enjoy doing the most, utilize that as your primary content type. There are ways to repurpose into other types!


Ideas for Repurposing:


  • If your primary content strength is written content, then you can typically write one blog post and repurpose it across multiple platforms! For example, you can take a long blog post and separate it (in a way that makes sense) into three different Facebook/Instagram posts.
  • Use your written content as an outline for live streaming/creating a video or podcast.
  • If you have enough posts on a certain topic, you could turn it into a ebook or mini-course to sell or use as an email opt-in.
  • For video content, you can get it transcribed and repurpose it into blog posts, Facebook posts, IG posts, etc.
  • Take small snippets from the video and use as teasers on Facebook or IG.
  • Strip the audio out and turn it into a podcast or download to Sound Cloud to share on your blog.
  • Same as video content, you can have it transcribed and repurpose it into all the ways you would use written content
  • Add a picture/graphics to your audio file and upload to Youtube

Recycle Great Content

Another way to repurpose, particularly on social media, is to cycle your content so you are posting it every few months or whatever time frame feels good to you. This way, new people in your audience are seeing it and the ones who saw it before may not remember/need that information now. This takes the pressure off of always feeling like you have to create something brand new, from scratch to post all the time.