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Are you feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do in your business?
You’ve got clients to coach, projects to complete, content to create, VAs to delegate to, funnels to set-up, onboarding to do, website tweaks, courses to launch, etc. etc. etc. 
I get it. There are so many aspects of growing a business.
That’s where I come in.
I take things off your plate so you can do what ONLY YOU can do, like work with your clients, write your content, and represent your brand. I meet you where you are and help you get out of overwhelm so you can grow your business.
As an OBM, I work to help you fulfill your vision without forgetting about all the nitty gritty details along the way. My talent is seeing the big picture, but also alllll those steps it takes to get there.


Here are some ways I can support you and your business:

Project Management/
Business Strategy

I help you take all of your big ideas and create a plan to execute on them. We work together to map it out, set goals and use your current resources to make it happen. I help you stay accountable to your deadlines and make sure you are kicking butt 24/7. Together, we prioritize the tasks in your business so you are focusing on what is most important.

Team Management

Have a team? I help you to delegate tasks that are outside your zone of genius and create systems to train and manage your team.

Metrics Management

I manage and track all of your most important business metrics and use my analytics background to help you use them to drive business decisions.

Systems Management

I learn any systems you already have in place to help you manage and delegate. I also help map out areas that could be more efficient/are bottlenecks in your business. This could include: email marketing management, content system management, social media management, etc.

How is an OBM different from a VA?
VAs are great for task delegation and can help get loads of simple things off your plate, an OBM works at a higher level to help you strategize and accomplish big goals in your business.

While an OBM may do some “in the weeds” work, we are also extremely aligned with your vision and help you execute on the things that are going to drive your business forward.

What my clients say:

Caitlin is a gem. From leadpage to blog post, her high level OBM support multiplied the impact and reach of my interview series that I never could have managed alone! Working with Caitlin and the high quality of work she provides brought me so much peace of mind knowing I didn’t have to “double-check” her work, and that I could stay in my zone of genius and reach more people with my message.

Anna Frandsen

Business Mentor and Success Coach,

Caitlin is amazing!! I was feeling super overwhelmed when I launched my first online course, despite the fact that I was taking a class with tons of support and instruction about doing that very thing. I reached out to Caitlin and she was SO supportive and helpful.

She got on a call with me to discuss what my goals were, and what my blocks were. She made encouraging comments and had a ton of suggestions on how to be more organized. Then she actually wrote up a plan with my schedule of deliverables, and working time was built into that as well. And she followed up with regular check-ins afterwards to keep me on track. I’m totally capable of making a schedule, but it’s funny how when you are in the weeds of a project it can suddenly seem completely unmanageable and spin out of your control!

Caitlin was able to rein everything in and make me feel calm, peaceful, and like I could actually do it. Thanks to her, I was able to create and launch my 6 week Photoshop course to 19 super happy students. This was a turning point for my business. I can’t thank Caitlin enough. And I can’t recommend her enough either!

Sarah Guilliot

Graphic Designer & Course Creator,

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