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Here are some simple opt-in ideas to start growing your list!


These are super simple and can be added to a blog post as content upgrade! You can turn any process in your niche into a checklist!

If you teach about blogging, you could have a “Perfect Blog Post Checklist” or a “SEO Checklist”.

If you teach your audience how to sell on Etsy, you could do a “5 Steps to an Amazing Product Listing” checklist.

List of Resources

Almost any business can offer a list of resources opt-in.

For example, if you teach about healthy eating and weight loss, you could have a downloadable list of your favorite supplements with your personal review.


If it is a topic where your audience is needing to think through questions/make a plan, a workbook could be a great opt-in.

I have seen workbooks for business plans, branding, exercise/meal planning, building your website, etc.


Run a giveaway for something related to your business (so that they are leads who are interested in what you do!) and make the entry point signing up for your email list.


Have something to teach? Create a mini-course on the topic and have people submit their emails for access!

Lots of times, you can use this as the beginning of a funnel into a paid course/product since you know your audience is interested in learning about the topic! Remember to deliver valuable information that will help them see a result so they will be more likely to invest in a paid product.

Now, go create an opt-in and grow that list!